Smog Issues? Not a problem!

Smog Issues? Not a problem!

Smog certifications are good for 90 days from the date of issuance.
When you transfer a vehicle that is four or less model years old a smog certification is not required.

(Determine the oldest-qualifying year model by subtracting three from the current year.) The four or less model years old rule does not apply to diesel powered vehicles. A smog transfer fee will be collected from the new owner. Vehicles registered in areas subject to the biennial smog certification program are required to submit evidence of a smog certification every other renewal period.

Owners of vehicles six or less model years old will pay an annual smog abatement fee for the first six registration years instead of being required to provide a biennial smog certification.

smog check californiaThe registration renewal notice mailed to you by the department will indicate if a smog certification is required. If a smog certification is required and you have not had a smog inspection, you may still pay your registration fees to avoid any late fees. However, you will not receive your new registration or year sticker until the smog information has been received by DMV.



We like to make the experience of selling your car an experience that equals that of purchasing a car. Selling your used vehicle can be a rewarding process as well. Knowing that a vehicle that carried you for hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles, will now go on to be someone else’s transportation is satisfying.


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